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All things web. All things Javascript.

  • React
  • Tailwind CSS
  • NextJS
  • GraphQL

I have been working with Javascript for 8+ years. My journey has seen me craft everything from websites, complex and data heavy applications to mobile applications. Generally making use of Javascript.

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It's a me, Tomás! 👋

A frontend specialised software developer. Javascript is my second language
...after portuguese and english

I enjoyed working with Tomas, who brought innovative ideas in inclusive design as a front-end engineer. His commitment to accessibility and quality work stood out. Tomas was crucial in advancing our design system and fostering a culture of accessibility. His technical expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit are highly commendable.


Who I worked with

XWSShellWayfairEuropean Patent OfficeLightbaseiClioBrainbayOnzeAuto
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  • Gauge illustrating Performance
    PerformanceExperience a seamless blend of aesthetics and performance, as I ensure your striking website loads swiftly and runs flawlessly, every time.
  • Shield with multiple points of focus illustrating Security
    SecurityI use modern tech setups to keep things separate and secure, making your website a harder target for online threats compared to the usual web apps.
  • Logo
    PrivacyBuilt with privacy in mind from the get-go, keeping things safe and sound for you and your visitors while meeting all the legal checkboxes.
  • Scaling canvas illustrating Scalability
    ScalabilityEven if your business is in its infancy, I engineer your website for tomorrow's growth, ensuring a seamless ascent to new heights.
  • Multiple rings surrounding a person illustrating the focus on Accessibility
    AccessibilityElevate your brand, boost SEO, and embrace a wider audience, ensuring compliance with global standards.
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